Privacy Policy


When you sign up for our newsletter, you give us your email address, and maybe your name. We use this information to send out newsletter, obviously. We keep your email and possibly name on our servers to do this. We will not give or sell your email to any third-party, except for the case when we sell the whole business (we don’t want to, yet), but then the new owners won’t count as a third-party anyway.

When you buy something from us, your order is processed by another company, which handle payments (here’s their privacy policy). They then send us some of your details (such as as full name, address, phone number, and email), but no credit card or bank account details are ever shared with us. We store this information, but we don’t particularly need it, so if, after your purchase completes, you’d like us to remove your information, drop us a note. We may also send to you a few emails with updates or something like that. We, of course, will include the unsubscribe link.

When you contact us by email, we, obviously, have your email address, (This is how email works, after all.) We will use this address to respond to you.

When you visit our site, our servers (and/or our hosting provider) know your IP address and some other normal things your browser sends to websites. Our servers probably store some information in logs. We may share referrer (website where you came from) with our payment provider to help us with analitics. Our website also contains the mighty Google Analytics – you should probably check their privacy policy and you can opt-out. We use it to help us understand our traffic. We may also include some evil “Like” or “Tweet” buttons, in which case the originators of these buttons also can get some information from your browser. If we do, sorry for that. Use Tor.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Best regards,
Proper Picks authors.