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The Art of Cat Photography

When you take a photo, you can make a snapshot or a piece of art. This book is about creating art even when you are taking a snapshot.

There are no complicated rules to remember or unreachable skills to possess: if you want to take a creative photo of your cat, simply follow the guidelines from the book.

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Knowing just a few classic photography rules can dramatically improve your shots.

Which side of photo do people naturally look at? Should you place an object you're shooting to the left, right, or in middle of a shot? Learn about viewpoints, leading lines, and the rule of thirds to get the eye-pleasing photos.

Learn how to properly hold a camera, what position to take to get the most stable image, and when to ignore this rule.

Classic photography rules (screenshot of ebook pages)

Creativity (screenshots of ebook pages)

Bring more fun and creativity to the process. Your cat will love it!

Let the process be not only creative but comfortable. This book will teach you how to plan your shots, how to spend the time productively, and how to use everyday backgrounds and objects so they can bring fun to you both, you and your cat.

Technical aspects explained.

Diaphragm and aperture. Depth of field. Shutter speed. ISO. Technical aspects are tedious and complicated. The Art of Cat Photography explains the basics you need and does it in a simple and understandable language to help you figure out how your camera works and get the maximum out of this knowledge.

Technical section (screenshots of ebook pages)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Classic photography rules
    • Left side
    • Rule of thirds
    • Leading lines
    • Viewpoints
    • How to hold your camera
  • Cat photography: General ideas
    • Groom your cat
    • Keep your camera charged and close by
    • Keep a memory card empty
    • Give yourself at least an hour
    • Take many photos
    • Take photos often
    • Organize your folders
  • Cat photography: In detail
    • Plan
    • Light
    • Theme
    • Background
    • Choosing time
  • Themes in details
    • Taking photos of a sleeping cat
    • Shooting portraits
    • Action photos
  • Technical section
    • Diaphragm and Aperture
    • Depth of field (DOF)
    • Shutter speed
    • ISO
  • Constructing your own Lightbox
  • Creative shots: Light, shadows, colors
    • Reflected light
    • Long exposure light
    • Light and shadows
    • Colors
    • Some prompts
  • Some photo philosophy
  • Practical tasks
  • My answers to the tasks

95 pages

Includes 21 practical tasks with answers.

Practical tasks and answers (screenshot of ebook pages)

Photo of DIY lightbox with a cat inside

Bonus DIY Lightbox.

With a lightbox you can make studio quality photos with white background. Unfortunately, lightboxes that are big enough for cats can cost up to hundreds of dollars. The book provides instructions on how to make your own lightbox using simple and cheap materials.

Picture of a cat on a white background taken in a lightbox

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PDF eBook. 95 pages.

The Art Of Cat Photography
by Alexandra Zakharova

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